CNC Router Furniture Making Machine

CNC Router Furniture Making Machine

CNC Router For Wooden Furniture In order to deliver the orders on time, we have backed ourselves with advanced logistics facilities. We have with us a well-maintained and capacious storage unit that is facilitated by advanced and automated warehousing system, which is operated and supervised by experts only. Our cutting-edge CNC Router Furniture Making Machine works at the speed of 25,000mm/min.


Model Anaya CNC R3040SH Anaya CNC R4060SH Anaya CNC R6090SH Anaya CNC R13090SH
Effective Working travel 400x300x80mm 400x600x80mm 900x600x80mm 1200x900x150mm
Machine Size 500x600x500mm 800x800x500mm 1100x800x500mm 1400x1100x800mm
Frame Material Fabricated Steel body / Cast Iron Casting body*
Driving Units X Y Z Hiwin Make New 2010 Ball Screw Rack & Pinion
Sliding Units X Y Z Axis New R20HGH Hiwin Make
Driving Motor 3 Axis Stepper / Servo feedback* Drive
Spindle Motor 1.5kwatt VFD Spindle / 2.2Kwatt / 800Watt / 4.5Kwatt*
Collets ER16/ 3.175 Collets, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Spindle Speed 3000 ~ 24000 RPM
Resetting Accuracy 0.05mm
Engraving Accuracy 0.04mm
Control Unit 3 axis controller with spindle Control
Carving Instructions G Code, Tap Files, NC CNC NCC Files
Communication Interface Through parallel connection with computer
Software environment Windows 2000 / XP
Carving Speed 0-2500mm/min Different Materials Speed Differs
Warranty 1 year machined parts
Machine Weight 100kg 250kg 250kg 500kg
Power Supply 220V AC/50Hz
Power (Watt) 1.5kWatt + 1.5Kwatt 2.5kWatt + 1.5Kwatt 3.0kWatt + 1.5Kwatt 3.5kWatt +1.5Kwatt
Computer Connection On board Parallel port
Acceptable Software Mach3
Bits 3Nos. VBit, 3mm, 6mm ball nose cutter,
Clamp Set 2 Nos Spanners, 4 clamp plates with nut & Bolts
Applications PCB Engraving & Drilling, Trophy, Momentoes, Modular Furniture Parts
Aluminum, Brass, Copper Cutting, Engraving, Aluminum Engraving for Rubber stereo Dies
Brass ,Copper, MS Label engraving & Cutting
MDF Cutouts, Wooden 3D 2D Artworks 3D Statues manufacturing
Approx Price In INR INR 186,000/- INR  225,600/- INR  275,200/- INR  318,000/-
Optional Parts * Cast iron Casting body : Price + 25% ,**3 axis Servo Drive : price + 10%, ***2.2Kw Spindle : Price + 10000/-, ****4.5kwatt Spindle : Price + 35000/-
Warranty Extended Warranty of 5 Years with 20% extra charges
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