CNC Router Momentous Making Machine

We are strongly backed by a smart logistics network owing to which we are capable to deliver the product range in safe and timely manner. We are a trusted supplier of CNC ROUTER FOR MOMENTOUS, providing the lucrative deals to the widespread customers at easy terms. Our CNC Router Momentous Making Machine is available in a quality warranty of 12 months.


Model : Anaya CNC R3040SH Anaya CNC R4060SH Anaya CNC R6090SH Anaya CNC R13090SH
Effective Working travel 400x300x80mm 400x600x80mm 900x600x80mm 1200x900x150mm
Machine Size 500x600x500mm 800x800x500mm 1100x800x500mm 1400x1100x800mm
Frame Material : Fabricated Steel body / Cast Iron Casting body*
Driving Units X Y Z Hiwin Make New 2010 Ball Screw Rack & Pinion
Sliding Units X Y Z Axis New R20HGH Hiwin Make
Driving Motor 3 Axis Stepper / Servo feedback* Drive
Spindle Motor 1.5kwatt VFD Spindle / 2.2Kwatt / 800Watt / 4.5Kwatt*
Collets ER16/ 3.175 Collets, 6mm , 8mm , 10mm
Spindle Speed 3000 ~ 24000 RPM
Resetting Accuracy 0.05mm
Engraving Accuracy 0.04mm
Control Unit 3 axis controller with spindle Control
Carving Instructions G Code, Tap Files, NC CNC NCC Files
Communication Interface Through parallel connection with computer
Software environment Windows 2000 / XP
Carving Speed 0-2500mm/min Different Materials Speed Differs
Warranty 1 year machined parts
Machine Weight 100kg 250kg 250kg 500kg
Power Supply 220V AC/50Hz
Power (Watt) 1.5kWatt + 1.5Kwatt 2.5kWatt + 1.5Kwatt 3.0kWatt + 1.5Kwatt 3.5kWatt +1.5Kwatt
Computer Connection On board Parallel port
Acceptable Software Mach3
Bits 3Nos. VBit ,3mm, 6mm ball nose cutter,
Clamp Set 2 Nos Spanners, 4 clamp plates with nut & Bolts
Applications PCB Engraving & Drilling,Trophy ,Momentoes, Modular Furniture Parts
Aluminum ,Brass , Copper Cutting, Engraving,Aluminum Engraving for Rubber stereo Dies
Brass ,Copper, MS Label engraving & Cutting
MDF Cutouts, Wooden 3D 2D Artworks 3D Statues manufacturing
Approx Price In INR INR 186,000/- INR  ​225,600/-​ INR  ​275,200/-​ ​​INR  ​318,000/-​
Optional Parts * Cast iron Casting body : Price + 25% ,**3 axis Servo Drive : price + 10%, ***2.2Kw Spindle : Price + 10000/-,****4.5kwatt Spindle :Price + 35000/-
Warranty Extended Warranty of 5 Years with 20% extra charges
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